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RSS feeds are the predecessors of Atom feeds. They contain less information than Atom feeds, but might be better supported by some news readers.

Accessing the feeds

Our New Releases feeds are open to everyone. Our other feeds are a benefit of Patrons Circle membership.

  • Join the Patrons Circle by making a small donation in support of our mission. Patrons have full access to our ebook feeds for the duration of their gift.

  • Produce an ebook for Standard Ebooks to get lifetime access to our ebook feeds. (If you’ve already done that, contact us to enable your access.)

  • Corporate sponsors get access to all of our ebook feeds for the duration of their sponsorship. Contact us to chat about having your organization sponsor our mission.

  • Open source projects can get free access to all of our ebook feeds if they meet certain criteria. Contact us to discuss free access for your open source project.

If you’re a Patrons Circle member, when prompted enter your email address and leave the password field blank to access a feed.

General RSS feeds

  • New releases (Public)

    The fifteen latest Standard Ebooks, most-recently-released first.

  • All ebooks

    All Standard Ebooks, most-recently-released first.

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