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  1. The Diary

    Samuel Pepys

  2. The Aeneid


  3. English as She Is Spoke

    Pedro Carolino

    José da Fonseca

  4. The Able McLaughlins

    Margaret Wilson

  5. A Popular Schoolgirl

    Angela Brazil

  6. The Amateur Cracksman

    E. W. Hornung

  7. The Black Mask

    E. W. Hornung

  8. A Thief in the Night

    E. W. Hornung

  9. The Bridge of San Luis Rey

    Thornton Wilder

  10. The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel

    Baroness Orczy

  11. El Dorado

    Baroness Orczy

  12. Lord Tony’s Wife

    Baroness Orczy

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