1. In an effort to create a complete form of Hamlet, William George Clark and William Aldis Wright combined parts of Hamlet from both the Second Quarto and First Folio. This portion of dialogue originates from the Second Quarto but the verse line is missing a word. The printing of the Second Quarto skips a word making the line read “And either the devil, or throw him out.” Shakespeare’s original intent has been lost, and modern scholars have a variety of theories on what it might have been. Scholars have proposed “master” as a possible emendation. Other guesses made by scholars include “curb,” “lodge,” “reign,” and “seize.” —⁠Emma Sweeney

  2. Here we encounter another complication due to combining two versions of Hamlet. In the First Folio, the text is missing almost four lines of verse. These lines have been restored from the Second Quarto but the print was not perfect: a portion of a verse line was not completed. Scholars have proposed “So haply slander⁠—” as a possible emendation. Another guess made by scholars is “So dreaded slander⁠—.” —⁠Emma Sweeney