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Thea von Harbou


Set in a futuristic dystopian city, Metropolis revolves around the stark divide between the affluent ruling class, who reside in luxurious skyscrapers above ground, and the oppressed working class laboring in dismal conditions below. The city is run by the powerful Joh Fredersen, who oversees the vast industrial complex that sustains the city. The plot takes a dramatic turn when Joh Fredersen’s son, Freder, discovers the harsh reality of the workers’ plight and becomes determined to bridge the gap between the two classes.

As Freder delves deeper into the city’s secrets, he encounters Maria, a compassionate woman advocating for workers’ rights. The plot thickens as the city faces the impending threat of rebellion from the oppressed laborers. Joh Fredersen, driven by his desire to maintain control, enlists the help of the brilliant scientist Rotwang to develop a humanoid robot with Maria’s likeness. The robot is intended to manipulate and control the workers, escalating tensions and leading to a dramatic climax that explores themes of class struggle, technology, and the consequences of unchecked industrialization.

Metropolis was first serialized in the German magazine Das illustrierte Blatt in 1926 and published as a book by August Scherl Verlag that same year. Von Harbau also wrote the screenplay for the groundbreaking film of the same name directed by her husband, Fritz Lang. Both the novel and the film were developed simultaneously, with the screenplay closely following the narrative of the novel.

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