1. Mårten Gåskarl” (Morten Goosie-gander) is a pet name for a tame gander, just as we use Dickie-bird for a pet bird.

  2. Smirre Fox,” is cunning fox.

  3. A Goa-Nisse is an elf-king, and corresponds to the English Puck or Robin Goodfellow.

  4. Sirle Squirrel,” is graceful, or nimble squirrel.

  5. Mons” is a pet name applied to cats; like our tommy or pussy. Monsie house-cat is equivalent to Tommy house-cat.

  6. Gripe Otter,” means grabbing or clutching otter.

  7. Fru is the Swedish for Mrs. This title is usually applied to gentlewomen only. The author has used this meaning of “fru.”

  8. In Sweden the 10th of November is called Morten Gooseday and corresponds to the American Thanksgiving Day.