Letter 162

Chevalier Danceny to the Viscount de Valmont

I am informed, Sir, of your behaviour towards me⁠—I also know that after having basely sported with me, you have dared to applaud yourself and brag of it⁠—The proof of your treachery I have seen under your hand⁠—I cannot help acknowledging my heart was pierced, and I felt some shame at having myself so much assisted in the odious abuse you made of my blind confidence: still I do not envy you this shameful advantage⁠—I am only curious to know, whether you will equally preserve them all over me⁠—This I shall be informed of, if, as I hope, you will be tomorrow morning, between eight and nine, at the gate of the wood of Vincennes, village of St. Maude. I will take care to provide everything necessary for the eclaircissement, which remains for me to take with you.