Of the Man

The Brain The inferior lip
The brains The superior lip
The fat of the leg The marrow
The ham The reins

Defects of the body

A blind A left handed
A lame An ugly
A bald A squint-eyed
A deaf

Degrees of kindred

The gossip The quater-grandfather
The gossip mistress The quater-grandmother
The nurse A guardian
A relation An guardian
An relation A widower
An widow


Starch-maker Porter
Barber Chinaman
Coffeeman Founder
Porkshop-keeper Grave-digger
Cartwright Tradesman
Tinker, a brasier Stockingmender
Nailer Lochsmith

Objects of man

The boots The lining
The buckles The clogs
The buttons-holes The wig
The buskins The morning-gown, night-gown

Woman objects

The busk The paint or disguise
The sash The spindle
The cornet The patches
The pumps The skate


Coochmann Spendth
Running footman Business-man


The apoplexy The megrime
The scrofulas The whitlow
The melancholy The rheumatisme
The vomitory

Parties a Town

The butchery The low eating house
The cause-way The obelis-ks
The sink The prison, geol

Kitchen utensils

The skimming-dish The spark
The potlid The fire
The pothanger The smoke
The spunge The clout
The jack

Of the bed

The bed wood The feet’s bed
The bed battom The pillar’s bed
The head’s bed

For the table

Some knifes Some groceries
Some crumb


Some black pudding A little mine
Some sugar-plum Hog fat
Some wigs Some marchpanes
A chitterling sausages An amelet
A dainty-dishes A slice, steak
A mutton shoulder Vegetables boiled to a pap


Some wing Some pinions
Some cinnamon Some hog’slard
Some oranges Some verjuice


Some orgeat Some paltry wine
Some sirup or sirop

Quadruped’s beasts

Lamb Rocbuck
Ass Dragon
Shi ass Wild sow
Ass-colt Lioness
Ram, aries Dormouse


Becafico Heuth-cock
Calander Whoop
Stor Pea cock
Yeung turkey Pinch
Red-breast, a robin


Asp, aspic Fly
Morpion Butter fly

Fishes and shell-fishes

Calamary Large lobster
Dorado Snail
A sorte of fish Wolf
Hedge hog Torpedo


Lote-tree lotos Service-tree
Chest nut-tree Jujube-tree


Anemony Mil-foils
Blue-bottle Hink


Hunting dog Picker
Relay dog Gun-powder
Hound dog Priming-powder
Hound’s fee Hunts man


White Gridelin
Cray Musk

Metals and minerals

Starch Latten
Cooper Plaster

Common stones

Loadstones White lead
Brick Gum-stone


Counterpoise An obole
A pound an half A quater ounce


Foot-ball Pile
Bar Mall
Gleek Even or non even
Carousal Keel


Benzion Pomatum
Perfume paw Storax

On the church

The sides of the nef The little cellal
The holywater-pot The boby of the church


The Deads-day The Vigil
The Twelfth-Day The Visitation

Ecclesiastical dignities

Incumbent General of an order
Canon Penitentiary
Canoness Theologist
Chanter, a clerk General curate

Chivalry orders

Black eagle Elephant
Avis, advice Honour Legion
Calatrava Saint Michaelmas


A cannoneer A general to galeries
A vessel captain A great admiral
A harbinger A king a lieutenant
A parapet A quater master
A army general A vice admiral’s ship

Military objects

The bait The fire pan
An arquebuse A bomb ketch
A bandoleer The military case
A fusil, a gun

Music’s instruments

A flagelet A dreum
A hurdy-gurdy


A fine To break upon
Honourable fine To tear off the flesh
To draw to four horses