Familiar Dialogues

For to Wish the Good Morning

For Make a Visit in the Morning

For to Dress Him Self

The Walk

The Weather

For to Write

The Gaming

With the Tailor

With a Hair Dresser

For to Breakfast

For to Ask Some News

For to Buy

For to Dine

For to Speak French

For to See the Town

To Inform One’self of a Person

For to Ride a Horse

With a Watch Maker

For to Visit a Sick

For to Travel

With a Inn Keeper

From the House-Keeping

For the Comedy

The Hunting

The Fishing

With a Furniture Tradesman

For Embarking One’s Self

With a Gardener

The Books and of the Reading

The Field

The Writing

With a Bookseller

With a Dentist

With a Laundress

For to Swim

The French Language