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P. G. Wodehouse

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Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge is one of P. G. Wodehouse’s less famous characters. He first appears in Love Among the Chickens in 1906 and then continues to make appearances in another 19 short stories until as late as 1966, making him Wodehouse’s longest running character.

Ukridge is an inveterate opportunist, and these stories chronicle his exploits as a young man: his trials and tribulations as one who is destined for greatness, if the rest of the world would only cooperate. Told from the point of view of his long-suffering friend and fellow bachelor “Corky” Corcoran, they chronicle their many meetings in the years before the period of Love Among the Chickens.

As with most of his stories, Wodehouse published the first 10 stories in both the U.S. (Cosmopolitan) and the UK (Strand Magazine) before they were published in the 1924 collection Ukridge.

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