1. “O ze (ye) my feris (companions) and deir freyndis, quod he,
    Of bywent perillis not ignorant ben we,
    Ze have sustenit gretir dangeris unkend,
    Like as hereof God sall make sone ane end:
    The rage of Silla, that huge sweste (whirlpool) in the se
    Ze have eschapit and passit eik (each) have ze:
    The euer (pot) routand (roaring) Caribdis rokkis fell
    The craggis quhare monstruous Cyclopes dwell:
    Ze are expert: pluk up zour harts, I zou pray,
    This dolorous drede expell and do away.
    Sum tyme thereon to think may help perchance.”

    —⁠Gawin Douglas.

    “Endure and conquer! Jove will soon dispose,
    To future good, our past and present woes.
    With me, the rocks of Scylla you have tried;
    Th’ inhuman Cyclops, and his den defied.
    What greater ills hereafter can you bear!
    Resume your courage, and dismiss your care.
    An hour will come, with pleasure to relate
    Your sorrows past, as benefits of fate.”