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My thanks are due to the Editor of The Sketch for permission to reprint here twelve of these tales, which as “Episodes from The Book of Wonder” were printed in his columns. Many were abbreviated to suit the exigencies of the Paper and are here given in full.

I again offer my thanks to the Editor of The Saturday Review for permission to reprint tales, the last two in the book.


Come with me, ladies and gentlemen who are in any wise weary of London: come with me: and those that tire at all of the world we know: for we have new worlds here.

An otherworldly mountainscape. Birds wheel over trees growing out of the rock. An entrance is carved into the side of the mountain, flanked by chairs and ladders. Goblins play in front of it, next to a staircase.
The Edge of the World

The Book of Wonder

A Chronicle of Little Adventures at the Edge of the World