⸺⁠But your honour’s two razors shall be new set⁠—and I will get my Montero-cap furbish’d up, and put on poor lieutenant Le Fever’s regimental coat, which your honour gave me to wear for his sake⁠—and as soon as your honour is clean shaved⁠—and has got your clean shirt on, with your blue and gold, or your fine scarlet⁠⸺⁠sometimes one and sometimes t’other⁠—and everything is ready for the attack⁠—we’ll march up boldly, as if ’twas to the face of a bastion; and whilst your honour engages Mrs. Wadman in the parlour, to the right⁠⸺⁠I’ll attack Mrs. Bridget in the kitchen, to the left; and having seiz’d the pass, I’ll answer for it, said the corporal, snapping his fingers over his head⁠—that the day is our own.

I wish I may but manage it right; said my uncle Toby⁠—but I declare, corporal, I had rather march up to the very edge of a trench⁠⸺⁠

—A woman is quite a different thing⁠—said the corporal.

—I suppose so, quoth my uncle Toby.