⸺⁠Now this is the most puzzled skein of all⁠⸺⁠for in this last chapter, as far at least as it has help’d me through Auxerre, I have been getting forwards in two different journies together, and with the same dash of the pen⁠—for I have got entirely out of Auxerre in this journey which I am writing now, and I am got halfway out of Auxerre in that which I shall write hereafter⁠⸺⁠There is but a certain degree of perfection in everything; and by pushing at something beyond that, I have brought myself into such a situation, as no traveller ever stood before me; for I am this moment walking across the marketplace of Auxerre with my father and my uncle Toby, in our way back to dinner⁠⸺⁠and I am this moment also entering Lyons with my post-chaise broke into a thousand pieces⁠—and I am moreover this moment in a handsome pavillion built by Pringello,32 upon the banks of the Garonne, which Mons. Sligniac has lent me, and where I now sit rhapsodising all these affairs.

⸺⁠Let me collect myself, and pursue my journey.