We are ruin’d and undone, my child, said the abbess to Margarita,⁠⸺⁠we shall be here all night⁠⸺⁠we shall be plunder’d⁠⸺⁠we shall be ravish’d⁠⸺⁠

⸺⁠We shall be ravish’d, said Margarita, as sure as a gun.

Sancta Maria! cried the abbess (forgetting the O!)⁠—why was I govern’d by this wicked stiff joint? why did I leave the convent of Andoüillets? and why didst thou not suffer thy servant to go unpolluted to her tomb?

O my finger! my finger! cried the novice, catching fire at the word servant⁠—why was I not content to put it here, or there, anywhere rather than be in this strait?

Strait! said the abbess.

Strait⁠⸺⁠said the novice; for terror had struck their understandings⁠⸺⁠the one knew not what she said⁠⸺⁠the other what she answer’d.

O my virginity! virginity! cried the abbess.

⸺⁠inity!⁠⸺⁠inity! said the novice, sobbing.