In mentioning the word gay (as in the close of the last chapter) it puts one (i.e. an author) in mind of the word spleen⁠⸺⁠especially if he has anything to say upon it: not that by any analysis⁠—or that from any table of interest or genealogy, there appears much more ground of alliance betwixt them, than betwixt light and darkness, or any two of the most unfriendly opposites in nature⁠⸺⁠only ’tis an undercraft of authors to keep up a good understanding amongst words, as politicians do amongst men⁠—not knowing how near they may be under a necessity of placing them to each other⁠⸺⁠which point being now gain’d, and that I may place mine exactly to my mind, I write it down here⁠—


This, upon leaving Chantilly, I declared to be the best principle in the world to travel speedily upon; but I gave it only as matter of opinion. I still continue in the same sentiments⁠—only I had not then experience enough of its working to add this, that though you do get on at a tearing rate, yet you get on but uneasily to yourself at the same time; for which reason I here quit it entirely, and forever, and ’tis heartily at anyone’s service⁠—it has spoiled me the digestion of a good supper, and brought on a bilious diarrhœa, which has brought me back again to my first principle on which I set out⁠⸺⁠and with which I shall now scamper it away to the banks of the Garonne⁠—

⸺⁠No;⁠⸺⁠I cannot stop a moment to give you the character of the people⁠—their genius⁠⸺⁠their manners⁠—their customs⁠—their laws⁠⸺⁠their religion⁠—their government⁠—their manufactures⁠—their commerce⁠—their finances, with all the resources and hidden springs which sustain them: qualified as I may be, by spending three days and two nights amongst them, and during all that time making these things the entire subject of my enquiries and reflections⁠⸺⁠

Still⁠—still I must away⁠⸺⁠the roads are paved⁠—the posts are short⁠—the days are long⁠—’tis no more than noon⁠—I shall be at Fontainbleau before the king⁠⸺⁠

—Was he going there? not that I know⁠⸺⁠