“What prodigious armies you had in Flanders!”⁠⸺⁠Brother Toby, quoth my father, I do believe thee to be as honest a man, and with as good and as upright a heart as ever God created;⁠—nor is it thy fault, if all the children which have been, may, can, shall, will, or ought to be begotten, come with their heads foremost into the world:⁠⸺⁠but believe me, dear Toby, the accidents which unavoidably waylay them, not only in the article of our begetting ’em⁠⸺⁠though these, in my opinion, are well worth considering,⁠⸺⁠but the dangers and difficulties our children are beset with, after they are got forth into the world, are enow⁠—little need is there to expose them to unnecessary ones in their passage to it.⁠⸺⁠Are these dangers, quoth my uncle Toby, laying his hand upon my father’s knee, and looking up seriously in his face for an answer,⁠⸺⁠are these dangers greater now o’ days, brother, than in times past? Brother Toby, answered my father, if a child was but fairly begot, and born alive, and healthy, and the mother did well after it,⁠—our forefathers never looked farther.⁠⸺⁠My uncle Toby instantly withdrew his hand from off my father’s knee, reclined his body gently back in his chair, raised his head till he could just see the cornice of the room, and then directing the buccinatory muscles along his cheeks, and the orbicular muscles around his lips to do their duty⁠—he whistled Lillabullero.