—If you have any objection,⁠—said my father, addressing himself to Dr. Slop. Not in the least, replied Dr. Slop;⁠—for it does not appear on which side of the question it is wrote;⁠⸺⁠it may be a composition of a divine of our church, as well as yours,⁠—so that we run equal risques.⁠⸺’Tis wrote upon neither side, quoth Trim, for ’tis only upon Conscience, an’ please your Honours.

Trim’s reason put his audience into good-humour,⁠—all but Dr. Slop, who turning his head about towards Trim, looked a little angry.

Begin, Trim,⁠—and read distinctly, quoth my father.⁠—I will, an’ please your Honour, replied the Corporal, making a bow, and bespeaking attention with a slight movement of his right hand.