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The Midnight Guest

Fred M. White


Lord Ravenspur is a brilliant, beloved lord who lives a peaceful life with his nephew Walter and adopted daughter Vera, but when Mrs. Delahay comes to him with the news of her husband’s murder, his life takes a worse turn. Worrying for his uncle’s safety after numerous incidents, Walter secretly investigates the mystery in spite of his uncle’s warning. What Walter soon discovers is not only a shocking revelation about Vera’s origin, but also a rumor that his uncle is not who he seems to be.

In The Midnight Guest, Fred M. White portrays a mystery where the focus is less on the murder itself, and more on the characters’ hidden agendas. Everyone firmly believes in their own story, but whose story is the truth? While White was more well known for his science fiction short stories, The Midnight Guest remains an excellent detective novel in its unusual take on the ratiocination motif that characterizes classic detective tales.

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