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The Just Men of Cordova

Edgar Wallace


The Just Men of Cordova, the third novel in the Four Just Men series, finds the Just Men seeking to bring right the wrongs of criminals in the world of upper-class high finance and horse racing.

Colonel Black, a notorious London financier, has moved up in the world due to the convenient deaths of his investment partners. The Just Men soon catch wind that Dr. Essley, a colleague of Dr. Black’s, has purchased a small supply of an extremely fatal poison that leaves no trace on the victim, and so they recruit a fourth Just Man to help them in their work. But despite several warnings from the Just Men, Colonel Black continues his murderous ways. Can the now-four Just Men stop him?

Edgar Wallace wrote The Just Men of Cordova some nine years after The Council of Justice, the previous novel in the series. During that time, Wallace had become increasing popular with the reading public—in fact, one of his publishers even claimed that he had written fully one quarter of all the books being sold in England.

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