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The Four Just Men

Edgar Wallace


With his determination to push through a controversial government bill that would allow the forced return of political refugees to their country of origin, the British Foreign Secretary has become the target of the “Four Just Men,” a vigilante group famous for executing those who cannot be reached by traditional law.

When the Four send warning letters threatening the Foreign Secretary with death if the government doesn’t withdraw the bill, the police are tasked with safeguarding his life. But despite numerous precautions and several clues leading to the identification of one of the Four, the nefarious group continues to move closer to achieving their goal as the deadline draws nearer.

In an effort to boost sales, Wallace self-published The Four Just Men without a conclusion, and held a contest offering £500 to any reader who could guess how the mystery ends. Unfortunately for Wallace, he failed to include a limitations clause to the contest; so, when the bestselling book attracted a large number of correct responses to the contest, he was legally obligated to pay each respondent the prize money, driving him into bankruptcy. He was then forced to sell the rights to the book for a mere £75. This edition includes Wallace’s bank-breaking ending.

The Four Just Men was adapted for film in 1921 and 1939 and for television in 1959.

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