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Blue Hand

Edgar Wallace


Jim Steele, a clerk for a prominent London attorney, has the distasteful task of assisting a notorious client, Digby Groat, who stands to inherit the Jonathan Danton fortune. Danton’s infant daughter and closest heir, Dorothy, was thought to have died in a boating accident twenty years ago. Adding to the mystery, Dorothy’s mother, Lady Mary Danton, also disappeared around the same time.

Jim receives alarming news that his new love interest, Eunice, has accepted a new job as live-in secretary to Digby’s mother. Soon after, Eunice receives a message from a mysterious intruder that her life is in danger and that she should leave the Digby house. As time passes, it becomes apparent that Digby, ruthless in his pursuit of wealth and women, has set his sights on Eunice.

Eunice’s parents have passed away, but something in her history doesn’t sit well with Jim’s inquiring mind. As he investigates he’s surprised to learn that his neighbor, a beautiful invalid, has also been making inquiries about Eunice’s past, and has more than a casual interest in both Eunice and Jim.

Blue Hand was published in 1925.

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