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Tarzan the Untamed

Edgar Rice Burroughs


Tarzan the Untamed continues the adventures of Tarzan, the orphaned child raised by apes in the African jungle. It is the seventh book in the Tarzan series and was first published as a six-part serial in The Red Book Magazine from March through August, 1919, with the story continued as “Tarzan and the Valley of Luna” in a five-part serial in Argosy All-Story Weekly in March and April, 1920. The novel was later compiled and published as a complete book in 1920 by A. C. McClurg & Co.

After his estate in British East Africa is attacked by German soldiers during World War I, Tarzan embarks on a relentless quest to exact revenge upon those responsible. During his journey, Tarzan faces not only the German soldiers, but also other dangers such as wild animals, hostile tribes, and treacherous landscapes. He uses his exceptional strength, agility, and survival skills to overcome them. He also comes across a British pilot and a beautiful German spy, unexpectedly finding himself becoming both a protector and ally.

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