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Tarzan the Terrible

Edgar Rice Burroughs


The iconic Tarzan, a man raised by apes in the African jungle, finds himself in the treacherous land of Pal-ul-don while searching for his abducted wife Jane. There Tarzan faces new challenges and dangers, including savage dinosaurs and powerful prehistoric creatures. As he navigates through this perilous world, Tarzan becomes embroiled in the conflicts between different tribal factions, as well as the intrigues of the cities that dot the landscape. As Tarzan battles against hostile forces and navigates these intricate power dynamics, readers are taken on a roller-coaster ride of suspense and discovery.

Continuing on from the events of Tarzan the Untamed, Tarzan the Terrible was first published as a seven-part serial in Argosy All-Story Weekly in 1921 before being published as a book by A. C. McClurg & Co.. Standing as a testament to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ imaginative storytelling with its mix of adventure, romance, and primal conflicts, the novel is considered by some to be the best entry in the Tarzan series.

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