Argument: With Dates

[Dates Anno Carces Conditae. The action of the story covers exactly four years: from the 22nd April 399 to 22nd April 403 ACC].

Year ACC
171. Queen Sophonisba born in Morna Moruna.
187. Gorice III eat up with mantichores beyond the Bhavinan.
188. Morna Moruna sacked by Gorice IV. Queen Sophonisba lodged by divine agency in Koshtra Belorn.
337. Gorice VII, conjuring in Carcë, slain by evil spirits.
341. Birth of Zeldornius.
344. Birth of Corsus in Tenemos.
353. Corund born in Carcë.
354. Birth of Zenambria, duchess to Corsus.
357. Birth of Helteranius.
360. Volle born at Darklairstead in Demonland.
361. Birth of Jalcanaius Fostus.
363. Birth of Vizz at Darklairstead.
364. Gro born in Goblinland at the court of Zajë Zaculo, the foster-brother of Gaslark the King.
Gaslark born in Zajë Zaculo.
366. Laxus, high Admiral of Witchland and after king of Pixyland, born in Estremerine.
367. Birth of Gallandus in Buteny.
369. Zigg born at Many Bushes in Amadardale.
370. Juss born in Galing.
371. Goldry Bluszco born in Galing.
Dekalajus, eldest of the sons of Corsus, born in Witchland.
372. Spitfire born in Galing.
Brandoch Daha born in Krothering.
374. La Fireez born in Norvasp of Pixyland.
Gorius, second of Corsus’s sons, born in Witchland.
375. Corinius born in Carcë.
376. Prezmyra, sister to the Prince La Fireez, second wife to Corund, and after Queen of Impland, born in Norvasp.
379. Birth of Hacmon, eldest of the sons of Corund.
Mevrian, sister to Lord Brandoch Daha, born in Krothering.
380. Heming born, second of Corund’s sons.
381. Dormanes born, third of Corund’s sons.
382. Birth of Viglus, Corund’s fourth son, in Carcë.
Recedor, King of Goblinland, privily poisoned by Corsus: Gaslark reigns in his stead in Zajë Zaculo.
Sriva, daughter to Corsus and Zenambria, born in Carcë.
383. Armelline, cousin-german to King Gaslark, after betrothed and wed to Goldry Bluszco, born in Goblinland.
384. Cargo, youngest of the sons of Corund, born in Carcë.
388. Goblinland invaded by the Ghouls: the flight out of Zajë Zaculo: Tenemos burnt: the power of the Ghouls crushed by Corsus.
389. Zeldornius, Helteranius, and Jalcanaius Fostus sent by Gaslark with an armament into Impland, and there ensorcelled.
390. The Witches harry in Goblinland: their defeat by the help of Demonland on Lormeron field: the slaying of Gorice X by Brandoch Daha: Corsus taken captive and shamed by the Demons: Gro, abandoning the Goblin cause, dwells in exile at the court of Witchland.
393. La Fireez, besieged by Fax Fay Faz at Lida Nanguna in Outer Impland, delivered by the Demons: Goldry Bluszco repulsed by Corsus before Harquem.
395. Corund weds in Norvasp with the Princess Prezmyra.
398. The Ghouls burst forth in unimagined ferocity: their harrying in Demonland and burning of Goldry’s house at Drepaby.
399. Holy war of Witchland, Demonland, Goblinland, and other polite nations against the Ghouls: Laxus, with the countenance of his master Gorice XI and by the counsel of Gro, deserts with all his fleet in the battle off Kartadza (eastern seaboard of Demonland): the Ghouls nevertheless overwhelmed by the Demons in Kartadza Sound, and their whole race exterminated: Gorice XI demands homage of Demonland, wrastles with Goldry Bluszco, and is in that encounter slain. Gorice XII, renewing with happier fortune the artificial practices of Gorice VII in Carcë, takes Goldry with a sending magical: Juss and Brandoch Daha, partly straught of their wits, unadvisedly go up with Gaslark against Carcë and are there clapped up: their delivery by the agency of La Fireez, and return to their own country: Juss’s dream: the council in Krothering: the first expedition to Impland. The King’s revenge on Pixyland executed by Corinius, and La Fireez dispossessed and driven into exile: Corund’s great march over Akra Skabranth, sudden irruption into Outer Impland, and conquest of that country: shipwreck of the Demon fleet: carnage at Salapanta: march of the Demons into Upper Impland: amorous commerce of Brandoch Daha with the Lady of Ishnain Nemartra, who lays a weird upon him: Corund besieges and captures Eshgrar Ogo: Juss and Brandoch Daha escape across the Moruna and winter by the Bhavinan.
400. News of Eshgrar Ogo brought to Carcë: Corund honoured by the King therefor with the style of king of Impland. Juss and Brandoch Daha cross the Zia Pass: fight with the mantichore: ascent of Koshtra Pivrarcha, entrance into Koshtra Belorn, and entertainment by Queen Sophonisba: Juss’s vision of Goldry bound on Zora: the Queen’s furtherance of their designs: the hippogriff hatched beside the Lake of Ravary: the fatal folly of Mivarsh: Juss in despite of the Queen’s admonitions assays Zora Rach on foot and comes within a little of losing his life. Prezmyra Queen of Impland and Laxus king of Pixyland crowned in Carcë: the King sends an expedition to put down Demonland, setting Corsus in chief command thereof: Laxus defeats Volle by sea off Lookinghaven, and Corsus Vizz by land at Crossby Outsikes, Vizz slain on the field: cruel and despiteful policy of Corsus: dissensions betwixt him and Gallandus: great reversal of these disasters by Spitfire, Corsus’s army cut in pieces by him on the Rapes of Brima and the survivors besieged in Owlswick: discontent of the army: Corsus with his own hands murthers Gallandus in Owlswick: tidings brought by Gro to Carcë: Corsus degraded by the King, who commissions Corinius as king of Demonland to retrieve the matter: battle of Thremnir’s Heugh, with the overthrow of Spitfire’s power: Corinius crowned in Owlswick: arrest of Corsus and his sons and their despatch home to Witchland.
401. Reduction of eastern Demonland by Corinius, save only Galing which Bremery holds with seventy men: Corinius moves west over the Stile: his insolent demands to Mevrian: miscarriage of Gaslark’s expedition to the relief of Krothering, his defeat at Aurwath: masterly retreat of Corinius from Krothering before superior numbers: his ambushing and destroying of Spitfire’s army on the shores of Switchwater: fall of Krothering and surrender of Mevrian: her escape by the counsel of Gro, the help of Corund’s sons, and the connivance of Laxus: her flight to Westmark and thence east again into Neverdale: Gro abandons the cause of Witchland for that of Demonland: his and Mevrian’s meeting with Juss and Brandoch Daha on their return home after two years: revolt of the east and relief of Galing: masterly dispositions both by Corinius and by the Demons for a decisive encounter: battle of Krothering Side and expulsion of the Witches from Demonland.
402. Second expedition to Impland, in which Gaslark and La Fireez join the Demons, lands at Muelva on the Didornian Sea: Juss, Spitfire, Brandoch Daha, Gro, Zigg, and Astar cross the Moruna: Juss’s riding of the hippogriff to Zora Rach and deliverance of Goldry: Laxus sent by the King with an overwhelming power of ships to close Melikaphkhaz Straits against the Demons on their homeward voyage: battle off Melikaphkhaz: destruction of the Witchland armada: Laxus and La Fireez slain: a single surviving ship brings the tidings to Carcë: Corund called captain general in Carcë: gathering of the Witchland armies and their subject allies: landing of the Demons in the south: parley before Carcë: the King’s warning to Juss: implacable enmity between them: signs and prognosticks in the heavens: the King’s desperate resolution if the fight should go against him: battle before Carcë: slaying of Gro and Corund: defeat of the King’s forces: council of war in Carcë, Corinius the second time captain general: Corsus, counselling surrender, falls greatly into the King’s displeasure and is by him shamed and dismissed: in despair he compasses the taking off of Corinius and the sons of Corund, and unhappily of his own son too and his duchess, by poison, but is himself slain by Corinius: blasting of the Iron Tower in the miscarriage of the King’s last conjuring: the Demons enter into Carcë: their encounter there with Queen Prezmyra: her tragical end and triumph: in all of which is completed the fall of the empire and kingdom of the house of Gorice in Carcë.
403. Queen Sophonisba in Demonland: the marvel of marvels that restored the world on Lord Juss’s natal day, the thirty-third year of his life in Galing.