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Three Sisters

Anton Chekhov


The sisters Olga, Masha, and Irina live with their brother Andrey in a provincial Russian town, and plan to return to Moscow, where they grew up, as soon as they’re able. Olga doesn’t want to continue working at the school where she’s a teacher and occasional headmaster; Masha is disillusioned in her marriage; Irina hopes to find her true love; and Andrey shows promise of becoming a professor. Also stationed in their town is a battery of soldiers that provide them with a social life. When Andrey falls in love with Natasha, their hopes for change are dashed, bit by bit.

First performed in 1901 at the Moscow Art Theatre, Three Sisters is considered one of Chekhov’s best plays. While critical reception at the time was mixed, the show was popular enough to become a part of the company’s repertoire, and is still commonly staged and adapted today.

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