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The Defiant Agents

Andre Norton


The space race has gone interstellar! Western and Soviet agents vie for control of the strategic alien world of Topaz and the lost technology it conceals.

Agent Travis Fox awakens on Topaz after a crash landing, his memories a confusing mix of his own and those of a 19th-century Apache ancestor. His fellow agents have all been subject to the same experiment, some more thoroughly entangled in the past than others. Driven by his present-day memories and aided by a pair of mutant coyotes, he sets out to explore the landscape and finds Mongols of the Golden Horde who have escaped from the Russians’ colony. Despite suspicion and scrambled memories on both sides—and a Russian mind-control device—Fox is determined to unite the Apache and Mongol tribes against their common enemy and keep Topaz’ secrets from falling into Russian hands.

The third novel in Andre Norton’s Time Traders series continues her tale of the Cold War expanded across time and space through the relics of a lost alien empire. It was originally published in 1962 by The World Publishing Company.

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