Translator’s Note

A word must be said of Kuprin’s style. He is by no means a purist; his pages bristle with neologisms and foreign⁠—or, rather, outlandish⁠—words; nor has he any hesitancy in adapting and Russianizing such words. He coins words; he is, at times, actually Borrowesque, and not only does he resort to colloquialisms and slang, but to dialect, cant, and even actual argot. Therein is his glory⁠—and, perhaps, his weakness. Therefore, an attempt has been made, wherever corruptions, slang, and so forth, appear in the original, to render them through the nearest English equivalents. While this has its obvious dubieties and disadvantages, any other course would have smacked of prettification⁠—a fate which such a book as Yama surely does not deserve.