1. The Karaim are Jews of the pure original stock who entered Russia long before the main immigration and settled in the Crimea. They are free from the ordinary Jewish restrictions. —⁠S. K. and J. M. M.

  2. The Russian P is shaped П, as in Greek. —⁠S. K. and J. M. M.

  3. A popular Russian magazine which presents its readers with many supplements. —⁠S. G.

  4. A desiatin is 2.7 acres. —⁠S. G.

  5. Dranny, means torn or ragged. —⁠S. G.

  6. Perhaps⁠—

    “He hath, my lord, of late made many tenders
    Of his affection to me.”

    The Russian lines do not clearly correspond to any of Shakespeare’s. —⁠S. G.

  7. A vershok is ¹⁄₁₅ of an arshin, i.e., 1¾ inches. —⁠S. G.

  8. Five copecks silver⁠—the smallest silver coin in Russia. —⁠S. G.

  9. A popular Russian journal. —⁠S. G.

  10. The word splew is Russian for “I sleep.” —⁠S. G.

  11. An arshin is about ¾ of a yard, and a pood is 36 lbs. —⁠S. G.

  12. Some municipalities in Russia provide a man and a cart to take off stray dogs. Jack had been suddenly netted by the dog-man. —⁠S. G.

  13. One of the hermits of the Egyptian Desert, a saint in the Russian Calendar. —⁠S. G.

  14. The Russian version of this passage reads: “… jealousy is cruel as the grave: the arrows thereof are arrows of fire.” In this, I have been given to understand, it adheres more closely than does the English Bible to the original Hebrew. —⁠B. G. G.

  15. “Which is the second month⁠ ⁠…”

    —⁠1 Kings 6:1.

    —⁠B. G. G.

  16. “Which is the eighth month⁠ ⁠…”

    —⁠1 Kings 6:38.

    —⁠B. G. G.

  17. “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.”

    —⁠Proverbs 25:11.

    —⁠B. G. G.

  18. Abimelech; i.e., Father-King. —⁠B. G. G.

  19. It is worth noting that the Saint does not perform a miracle to secure himself and Vassily a good supper. —⁠A. G.

  20. A suburb of Moscow. —⁠B. G. G.

  21. The schema is the habit worn by Russian monks of the greatest asceticism. —⁠B. G. G.

  22. Different species of the sturgeon. —⁠B. G. G.

  23. “Half-a-lord.” —⁠B. G. G.

  24. In English in the original. —⁠B. G. G.