Standard Ebooks

Produce your own ebook and submit it to Standard Ebooks

Our tools and processes are all open source, so anyone with the right technical and editorial knowledge can produce a new Standard Ebooks ebook.

In order to keep track of who’s working on which ebook, and to ensure the ebook you want to produce is one that we’ll accept, please contact us at our mailing list to pitch your ebook. Once we’ve OK’d your selection, you can get started!

You can get started on your own ebook by reading our article on producing a new ebook step by step.

We’re unlikely to accept these kinds of books:

Before you start work, note that our Unlicense, which is included in every ebook we produce, explicitly releases your work to the public domain. If you’re not OK with that, then don’t proceed.

Producing an ebook to our standards can be a long and complex process, and we’re here to help! If you have any questions during the process, get in touch via our open mailing list.

Once you think you’re done, send a note to the mailing list. We’ll review your work, help you patch up any issues, and then get your ebook listed!